Welcome dōTERRA Orphans!

Did you know there was such a thing as a dōTERRA orphan? It’s not super common but does happen. A dōTERRA orphan is created when someone becomes a Wellness Advocate directly with dōTERRA and does not sign up under someone.

It means they do not have the typical support and mentoring that a strong Upline can bring. But it also gives them a unique opportunity to choose their family and be adopted into a support team that fits their needs! This is great because they can receive training, leadership and gain the community that dōTERRA is known for.

If you are a dōTERRA Orphan and would like a home we hope you will consider joining us! Click here to read about our team and why we love helping people achieve their dreams!

Are you a dōTERRA Orphan?

Not sure if you are a dōTERRA Orphan?? No big deal let’s figure it out together! Chances are if you don’t know anyone who is a Wellness Advocate and you joined straight from the dōTERRA website you likely are.

Step One - Log in

First let’s log in to your account and check out who your Upline is. This will let us know if you are on the Orphan line.

Step Two - Check Your Upline

Now, Click on the “Team” tab in your back office. Look on the left hand side where it says “My Business” and click on Upline listing. It is the last item on the My Business side bar.

This will give you a detailed listing of information about your Upline and also gives you their contact information. If you look through and see anywhere listed Orphan Tree then that means you are a dōTERRA Orphan and are able to be adopted into our family! If you don’t then look for your closest presidential diamond and feel free to email them and let them know you want to build!

Step Three - Join Us

We want to successfully support, train and mentor dōTERRA Orphans so they can feel the best part of being in a thriving and welcoming dōTERRA team! We offer so many benefits for joining our team.

Ready to join the Get Essential Oils team and be an adopted dōTERRA orphan?

Simply fill out the form below and we’ll contact you shortly!

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