Do you like dōTERRA products and essential oils? We think you would make a great fit for our team and we encourage you to join. You can do this by signing up as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate. Wellness Advocate’s have the opportunity to supplement income and build a self sustaining business by simply sharing the outstanding dōTERRA products and amazing essential oils with their friends, customers, contacts and family members.

Not interested in selling or sharing dōTERRA essential oils? If you just want to save some money and buy essential oils at a discounted price, signing up as a wholesale member or a wellness customer is still your most economical option and you will have no obligation for monthly orders or to sell anything.

Listed below you will find some great reasons to become a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate:

Retail Customer

  • Product Discounts
  • Free Product
  • Paid Bonuses

Wellness Advocate

Most popular
  • Product discounts
  • Free product
  • Paid bonuses
  • Other Reward Incentives!

Wholesale Customer

  • Product Discounts
  • Free Product
  • Paid Bonuses

Product Discounts

One of our favorite reasons to sign up as a dōTERRA wellness advocate or wholesale customer is that you automatically receive 25% off of the retail price of products starting starting right away with your first order. From then on every order you place, you will continue to receive 25% off the retail price. This is perfect for people who will be ordering on a continuing basis and want to save money. The membership will usually pay for itself in the first order. The membership fee is waived if you purchase an enrollment kit on your initial order.

As an example of potential savings, if you were to purchase OnGuard, the protective or immunity blend, you would pay $43.60 retail but as a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate it would only be $33.00.

Free Product

Who doesn’t love free products? This is one of our favorite things about being a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer! Just by placing orders you can get get free dōTERRA essential oils and high quality wellness products.

There are a few ways to get free products as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer:

  • Join the Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Join the Product of the Month Program

The Loyalty Rewards Program is for those who want to make a monthly order with dōTERRA. You will earn points back on the amount of product you purchase (up to 30% back) and points back in shipping costs that you can then redeem for free product! Click here to read more about the Loyalty Rewards Program and all it’s fantastic benefits!

dōTERRA also has an amazing Product of the Month Program where you will receive the free essential oil of the month simply for placing a qualifying Loyalty Rewards Program order! This is a rewarding way to maximize on your monthly order and increase your savings while also being introduced to new oils! It’s so easy!

Place a monthly Loyalty Rewards Program order to ship on or before the 15th of the month (we can show you how to do this!) totalling roughly $125 or more and receive the free dōTERRA essential oil product of the month!


Want to be compensated just for sharing your love of dōTERRA oils with your friends, relatives and clients? You can get paid bonuses for sharing, enrolling, and ordering oils each month! These bonuses add up quickly and can pay for your oils and even create a steady on-going income. The potential is limitless.

These are a few of the bonuses you are eligible for right after signing up as a Wellness Advocate:

  • Earn 20% of purchases made by any new wellness advocates or wellness customers you sign up.
  • Earn up to $1500 or more by structuring your team and having them do their qualified Loyalty Rewards Program orders.
  • Receive a percentage of your organisations entire orders and volume up to 7%.
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