The best time to start is now! Reap the benefits of a 25% discount on all of the amazing dōTERRA products and embrace the life-changing business opportunity with dōTERRA. You can easily combine your love of essentials oils with unlimited earning potential! Sign up as a wellness advocate and join our constantly growing and expanding Team led by Andrew Rigg who is passionate to help make a difference in the world, one bottle of essential oil at a time.

I want to help you jump start your business and your dream, so we will not be wasting any time contacting you, adding you to our exclusive mentoring groups, and offering you training and support. I work right along side with my team members and are constantly focusing on improving and being up to date with the latest business tools, outreach tools and support tools. You will have access to mentors and business coaches and will be supported and cared for on your journey. Along with all of our essential oil business support we also teach and mentor my team mates on how to use their essential oils with ongoing workshops and classes. I want you to be confident in using essential oils for your own natural health support and also feel confident on how and when to share the dōTERRA Wellness Advocate opportunity with those you come across.

dōTERRA’s compensation plan is unmatched in the network marketing industry. The plan is very generous and was designed specifically to ensure dōTERRA Wellness Advocates were able to maximise earnings and grow their businesses in an effective manner! I love my business partners and, when you choose to join our team through Oils with Andrew, you become part of the team family. I love to support other’s on their success journey and soon you will realise how comfortable and natural it is to share the dōTERRA business opportunity with your friends, colleagues, clients and family members. The combination of the free products from the Loyalty Rewards Programs, your commissions, discounted products, bonuses just for sharing, incentive trips, rewards and so much more just for promoting essential oils and sharing the natural wellness you have grown to love! You are very much wanted on my team and we hope you will join me in this season of growth. You don’t just join dōTERRA, you join a whole community of people who are passionate, supportive and love to make a difference. I look forward to reaching our targets together!

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