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Citrus aurantium

dōTERRA Petitgrain essential oil is sourced from the twigs and leaves from bitter orange trees in Paraguay. It is revered for its calming effects on the body and the mind, cleansing properties, and ability to support healthy immune function*.


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Primary Benefits

  • Provides a fresh, herbaceous note when used in perfume body sprays, lotions and colognes
  • Provides an aroma, calming to the senses
  • Can be used to flavour food or drink

Aromatic Description

Fresh, floral, slightly herbaceous

Collection Method

Steam Distillation

Plant Part

Leaf, Twig

Country of Origin



Petitgrain essential oil is unique and distinct in its ability to offer support to so many different areas of the body. dōTERRA Petitgrain is sourced from Paraguay and has a herbaceous and fresh aromatic scent. Petigrain is sometimes referred to as the “manly” Lavender, because much like Lavender essential oil, Petitgrain has the ability to support calming and can help support a restful night’s sleep. It can be a great alternative to Lavender for those who do not care for that scent. It can promote a restful night’s sleep due to the ability it has to help ease feelings of tension and calm the nervous system. The best way to get this support is to take internally by way of a couple drops of essential oil in a veggie capsule. If you would rather use topically to receive these benefits you can rub some Petitgrain on your feet before bedtime.

Petitgrain essential oil is known to have cleansing properties and can be very supportive to the body to help support a healthy immune system. Diffusing in your home can help cleanse the air and also will help rid your home of environmental and seasonal threats that try to infiltrate the body. Diffusing Petitgrain can also be inductive to promote a calming and relaxing environment as well. For a delicious and spicy aroma try diffusing a couple drops of Petitgrain with a couple drops each of dōTERRA Cassia and Eucalyptus essential oil for a warming aroma that will support and benefit the nervous and immune systems.

dōTERRA Petitgrain essential oil can offer great support to the digestive system and help support its normal functions. Try adding one to two drops of Petitgrain essential oil to your water or juice the next time you could use support with digestion. This is also a great way to get the immune boost and nervous system support as well. dōTERRA Petitgrain essential oil is a prized and unique essential oil that adds so much value to your essential oil collection.

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