The main dish is the real star of the show. It’s the hearty part of the meal where everyone comes together. It’s where good conversation is shared and it’s what leaves people feeling full and satisfied.

Main Dishes

Lime Chicken Tacos

This Lime infused marinade is great for street tacos. Feel free to experiment with Coriander and Cumin oil in the marinade as well for more yummy flavour.

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The main dish is the most important part of the meal as it offers nutrition and nourishment. It’s fun taking the time to plan and prepare a healthy and delicious entree that can please a crowd. The thought that was put into it, most certainly shows and is evident by the flavors that are in the heart of the dish. A well rounded and delicious entree can fill your stomach and your soul. There is nothing better then a main dish recipe that makes the whole house smell better and feel cozier.

There are so many distinct ways to enhance the flavors of your entree recipes with essential oils. Even your already tried and true recipes can get a little jazzing up from the healthy additive of essential oils. We love to mix things up a bit by using some of our favorite herbal essential oils in place of dried spices. These essential oils include Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, and Cardamom. We also love to enhance flavors by using Lemongrass essential oil, Wild Orange essential oils as seasonings in our easy meal recipes. This is just an easy way to get started cooking with essential oils since you are just swapping them out for your typical herbs, spices and seasonings. We love to use essential oils for dressings on meat, sauces for pastas, and even a great way to flavor a turkey. They make the perfect go to for holiday cooking.

Getting started with essential oils in your cooking can really open up a new world to your kitchen. New smells, flavors and aromas will make your main dishes vibrant and exciting. And the best part is they are ready to go in your kitchen and just a little bit goes a long way. Using essential oils will really be a new blessing as you reap internal health benefits, liven up entrees, and enrich your meals with all the beautiful goodness that doTERRA essential oils have to offer in their own natural way.

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