DIY on-the-go Hand Wash

DIY on-the-go Hand Wash

Did you know that most hand sanitisers sold in grocery stores today contain anywhere between 60 and even upwards to 90 percent alcohol? This is an insane amount of alcohol and very dangerous to keep in your homes because it has enough to cause alcohol poisoning if ingested. According to various sources including CNN Heath, a two ounce bottle of normal over the counter hand sanitiser that you get from the store, may contain as much alcohol as four shots of vodka. That is a terrifying figure!

The alcohol that is found just in hand sanitisers can easily be considered a fire hazard, irritate skin and eyes, and dry out the skin. We hate the normal hand sanitisers because they tend to also kill everything, including the good bacteria which can lower your body’s ability to fight off sickness. That is why we absolutely love this version of DIY On Guard hand sanitiser which includes doTERRA On Guard Protective essential oil blend and is great for the immune system, fights off environmental and seasonal threats and also is moisturising to your skin and safe to keep around the house with animals and kids and not a fire hazard!

Here is the recipe for DIY Alcohol-free hand sanitiser using On Guard essential oil blend


5 Tablespoons of Aloe Vera Gel
4 Tablespoons of Water
1/4 teaspoon Vitamin E oil
8-10 drops On Guard Protective Essential Oil Blend
Small Squeeze Container​

Note: Essential oils may be able to be stored in quality plastic containers - as long as the essential oils are very highly diluted. Otherwise essential oils need to be in glass containers.


​Combine all the ingredients including the doTERRA On Guard Protective Essential Oil blend and mix until you get the consistency you desire. If you would like your hand sanitizer to be a little more liquid, add more water.

If you want to see it step by step, watch our video below!​

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