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It is my target and vision to get essential oils into people’s homes and provide support and education as they begin their essential oil journey. I am sharing about essential oils because I’ve seen how they have blessed my own home and family and I want to in turn help others do the same.

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Essential Oil DIY Ideas

Make your own household cleaners, beauty products, gifts and more while removing toxins and chemicals from your home.

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Spice up your dishes and infuse all the internal health benefits from dōTERRA essential oils right into your favourite meals.

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Purchase your favorite dōTERRA essential oils and other health and wellness products right from our easy online store.

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Turn your essential oil passion into new income and be compensated just for sharing dōTERRA with your family and friends.


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August 2019 promotions and specials
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August 2019 Specials

doTERRA August 2019 specials including OnGuard Sanitising Mist and Lime. Plus an enrolment promotion until 31 August. And there’s also new products available: OnGuard Mouthwash, Yarrow|Pom Botanical Duo, doTERRA Spa Hydrating Mist and Clearify Air Blend. How does it get any better than this?

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July 2019 doTERRA promotions in Australia & New Zealand
Monthly Deals

July 2019 Specials

doTERRA July 2019 specials including Salubelle® Roll on, Easy Air and Verage Skin Care Collection. Plus an enrolment promotion until 31 August. How does it get any better than this?

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Essential Oil Recipes

Essential Oil DIY Ideas

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Oils with Andrew is honoured to help you on your natural health journey. Whether you are looking for a strong and experienced team to join to start your dōTERRA essential oil business with or if you are an essential oil customer looking for mentoring or a no fuss, membership free way to purchase essential oils we are the place for you. We are your one stop shop with our own online and easy to use store as well as all the DIY recipes and ideas, and education.

Why should you use dōTERRA essential oils? dōTERRA is an inspiring company and dōTERRA essential oils are the highest quality with the richest potency currently on the market and in the world. There are currently thousands of essential oil companies out there but dōTERRA is the only company that ensures each bottle of essential oil has the safest and purest oils available adhering to it’s own CPTG® Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade standards. Each essential oil is carefully and specifically sourced from farmers all around the world.

When you decide to buy dōTERRA essential oils, you are making the decision to enhance your personal and family’s health. dōTERRA also provides a life changing business opportunity that rewards you for sharing your love of dōTERRA essential oils with others. This opportunity can cover the costs of your oils or go even further to make a steady income large enough to make it your full time gig! The possibilities are limitless and we are here to support you in your goals and dreams.

dōTERRA is an inspiring company full of integrity. It is thanks to these business practices such as creating their own quality standard (CPTG® Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) in an essential oil industry that currently does not have one, a Healing Hands foundation who’s humanitarian mission is to help millions, delivers trust that is felt through all levels of the company. You can feel confident in dōTERRA’s essential oils and products that they are of high quality and worthy to be used on you and your family. Also if you decide to take advantage of the dōTERRA business opportunity you will have confidence to reach out to your friends and share dōTERRA essential oils with them and be able to build a stable business that will be a strong source of income.

dōTERRA essential oils is a natural solution for yourself and your family that is so simple than you might have imagined. We are so grateful you have considered to buy dōTERRA essential oils and give them a shot. Using nature’s pure resources will enhance your life, health and emotional well-being. dōTERRA essential oils when used in the proper way and applied safely can support your mental and overall health and wellness in a wondrous way.

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